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Leonardo didn’t make one single move, he just replied to Minamisawa.

“Tokyo, huh? So you must know everything around here! I think it could be great to be three of us. But, if we think better about it, it could cause trouble: because this third boy could also make too much noise and not let us go to sleep. What do you think about having a third person in here?”

Leonardo stopped.

If he’s asking about it, don’t tell me that he…

He sat on the bed quickly and asked:

“Do you know something about it? Do you know if there’s a third person? How is he? How is he?”

Leonardo was getting excited. He wanted to meet new people.

Minamisawa flipped his hair to the side before replying. “Honestly I rather not have a third person in here, it will just make this place even more cramp. And that’s definitely not a favorable environment to study in, well at least for me. So  my grades might drop and I surely can’t let that happen now can I?”

Minamisawa noticed Leonardo’s eyes lit up when the other boy questioned him about the third person, even the tone of his voice became more upbeat. Minamisawa could easily tell that the boy was eager to meet the third guy. Wow? He’s quite the sociable person huh.  

"Up to now, I have no news about another guy staying with us. But there’s probably someone that will move in since there’s an empty bed in here."

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Leonardo came inside the bedroom and without saying a single word, he sat over on bed, the first that he looked at, and sat on it. Then he said:

“My father came to work in here and me and my mum came with him. It’s far, but I enjoy being in a different country.”

The brazilian boy willingly fell with his back on the bed, relaxing for a while.

“Are you from this zone of Japan or from another one?”

"Oh okay. Well as long you’re comfortable here then it’s alright then, I guess."

Minamisawa went over to his bed and sat at the edge of it. He leaned backwards, using both of his arms to prop himself upwards. 

"Yep, this zone. I’m from Tokyo."  

He looked up to gazed at the ceiling, not knowing what to say next. It felt awkward since he had never had a roommate before. 

"Do you think we’ll have another roommate or something?" He asked in attempt to break the silence.

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Kinako smiled and laughed a bit when Minamisawa patted her head. She felt like he was treating her as a friend. It was a good thing, she was able to make friends with him.

“I’m the fabulous forward.”

“Forward, huh? That’s amazing~”, she smiled. She tried not to giggle how Minamisawa said it. He made it sounding so funny.

Herself she was able to play on any different positions. Was it shooting as forward, catching shoots as goalkeeper, dribbling and passing ball as midfielder or blocking as defender, she was able to play well. Well, goalkeeper was position that she hadn’t got used to that well. She was better on other positions. Especially as forward and defender.

“Me? Hmm, that’s hard guestion…” she mumbled, “I’m able to play in any positions, so I haven’t thought of actual position… I enjoy being defender and forward, though.”


"Thanks. And just to let you know, I’m a pretty good forward. You watch out." He grinned. Minamisawa was proud of his position. He had always been helping his team to score many points in their matches.

"Okay, that’s rather interesting," Minamisawa responded upon hearing her reply. 

He had not expected that. Although he had heard of people who were capable of playing multiple positions, he did not know of such players personally until now. Even his teammates were only dominant in one of the various position and were not as skilled in the others. 

This made him want to challenge Kinako even more, he wanted to see for himself exactly what kind of player she was.

The field was already empty. He picked up one of the random soccer balls lying around the field and started dribbling. 


Kinako giggled a bit. She had said those as a joke. It was impossible to befriend with a tree. She was just joking and wanted to see how Minamisawa would react.

“It was a joke, silly~” she smiled, “It’s called irony. I didn’t mean it as a bad, though.”

She really wasn’t meaning to annoy Minamisawa. She just wanted to make a joke. She never meant to hurt anyone. She just liked joking with people.

“Hey, there’s vacant places on the field. Want to go practice or something?”

Kinako’s eyes were sparkling, she was excited.

“Practice, you say? Sure!” she smiled cheerfully and jumped to air, “Oh by the way, what is your position?”


“Yeah yeah I know it was meant to be a joke..” Minamisawa replied indifferently and patted Kinako on the head.

He did not understand why Kinako was so excited about practice. Practice was just a normal everyday thing to him. Strange girl he thought.

“I’m the fabulous forward,” he flipped his hair to the sides and continued. “And you?” 

In his mind, Minamisawa thought that Kinako was a mid-fielder, well she did look like one to him. Still, he asked her just to make sure and started heading towards the fields. 


Leonardo laughed.

He can’t picture himself talking with the accent people from Portugal make, but then again, perhaps if Leonardo spoke Portuguese with a Portuguese person in front of Minamisawa, the boy might not be able to notice the difference on accent and words, even though the difference is too huge for natives to ignore.

“I’m not. They talk funny in Portugal. I’m from Brazil. We talk in Portuguese in Brazil. And you?”

Leonardo also wanted to learn more on his classmate. What if this was the beginning of a friendship? It’d be good for both know each other better.

Minamisawa glanced towards Leonardo and furrowed his eyebrows, “What. Why are you laughing??” He could not comprehend the other boy’s sudden laughter. He had always thought that people who speak Portuguese was from Portugal, he also had no knowledge of the different accents of that language. It was all so very foreign to him.

"Ohh Brazil. Isn’t that like so far away? Why did you even come here then." 

"I’m Japanese."

It wasn’t long before they arrived at their dorm room. Minamisawa opened the door and signaled for Leonardo to enter. The dorm was rather neat, there was no clutter of mess anywhere. The only abnormal thing was that, the little dorm room actually had 32 mirrors in it. Mirrors were hung up on the walls, next to the beds and study tables, basically almost everywhere.

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Kinako smiled cheerfully. She hoped that Minamisawa wans’t worried about her. She didn’t really like bothering others and she was already feeling better.

Making friends shouldn’t be easy. On her old school, she was able to made friends with everyone. There might be some people who didn’t want to make friends with her in Inazuma High, but she wouldn’t give up. She was sure she’ll be able to make friends.

“But, if you’re that good at making friends, exactly why were you sitting by the tree being all sad and lonely by yourself? Are you trying to make friends with the tree or something?? That won’t work you know.”

Kinako blushed a bit. She gave Minamisawa a little poutface. It wasn’t that she was angry.

“I just were little tired after hard day!” she said with pout on her face, but then she give a smile to him, “I wouldn’t mind making friends with trees even if it’s silly and impossible though.”


Minamisawa flipped his bangs to the side and folded his arms. “Haaa? What are you pouting for? You did look like you were befriending the tree, really.”

"Hard day? Oh was it that hard to make friends with Mr. tree?"

Was this Kinako girl serious? If she wants to befriend a tree by all means go ahead. Minamisawa just found that a little weird.

He faced the soccer fields and noticed that the field are starting to clear up. Well, it was not surprising as it since it was already getting late. Students who were practicing earlier were probably going to wash up. Since he had nothing to do for the rest of the day, no school work or anything like that, so no harm if he practice  a bit. 

"Hey, there’s vacant places on the field." He said as he pointed to an empty spot. "Want to go practice or something?"


“Yup!” Kinako smiled, “I’m young and enertic freshman, hoping to face new challenges here!”

She giggled a bit. She felt way more happy that someone finally talked to her. It wasn’t that she was no good at making friends. She usually was the one who tried to take friends with everyone. Minamisawa talking to her like that give her courage. It was not use to feel down having no friends - she would make them, lot of them!

“I’ll be okay, don’t worry!” she smiled and laughed, “I’m really good at making friends, I’m looking forward making them. I’m sure when I get more freetime, I’ll gather looooot of friends around me.”

She was not even sure did Minamisawa care about her. She just wanted to tell that she was okay. She didn’t want anyone to be worried about her.

“I’ll get used to this soon, I’m sure!”

Seeing how bubbly Kinako’s personality was, Minamisawa had no doubt that she would be able to make many friends. Actually, that was good news to him. The increasing number to confused freshmen was really starting to irritate him. 

"Good for you then."

Then it struck him, why not tease kinako a little. It might even help him kill some of his boredom.

"But, if you’re that good at making friends, exactly why were you sitting by the tree being all sad and lonely by yourself? Are you trying to make friends with the tree or something?? That won’t work you know."


Leonardo stared at Minamisawa for a while. This boy wanted to know about his language? That was new. No one cared about his language before. He just had to speak English or Japanese, which he didn’t know how to speak, all the time. No one gave a crap about his mother tongue.

“The name is Portuguese.” he thought for a while if he pronounced it correctly “Yes, Portuguese.”

What if the boy wouldn’t understand him again?

Minamisawa noticed the other boy staring at him. Did he say something that Leonardo uncomfortable? Or perhaps the other boy was not used to people questioning about his mother tongue. Minamisawa wasn’t bothered about that though. 

Well, since he was going to be living in the same dorm with Leonardo, he simply thought that it would be better if he knew a little more about his roommate. Who knows? This little talk between them might even allow him to understand the other boy a little better. 

"Portuguese? Then are you like from Portugal so something?" 

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Kinako smiled happily, which was usual expression of her. Boy seemed to be a bit surprised to her cheerful greeting. Maybe he wasn’t used for it?

Kinako was cheerful and happy person who loved hanging out with her friends. But since her friends from her old school weren’t interested about sports, they continued to another schools while Kinako entered Inazuma High. She had been busy so she actually haven’t got change to get to known her roommaytes better or get friends with her classmates.

She hadn’t used to that she didn’t know people around her. In her old school she was friends with everyone and it was new to her that she didn’t know anyone from her school now. It was kinda sad because she didn’t know how people would treat her. But it didn’t matter! She would be able to make friends, she was sure of it!

“What are you doing here all alone” 

“Well, I’m new here and I actually don’t know anyone yet~”, Kinako laughed awkwardly, “And I have been busy to explore the school so I’ve not been able to made any friends yet.”

"Then, I suppose you’re a freshman here right?"

As Inazuma High was a pretty new school, it used to have only a few students. During that time, Minamisawa enjoyed his stay in the school as well as the tranquil environment it brought.

However, the school had been receiving a lot of new students this time of the year. This just meant that there would be more students in the school, making the school a little more crowded. He did not exactly liked that. He preferred a quite and peaceful school with few students as compared to a noisy and bustling school with many people. Well, there was nothing he could do about it though.

Minamisawa raised an eye brown and gave the girl a weird look upon hearing her somewhat unnatural laughter. Maybe it was because she was not used to the new school yet, or perhaps she was just not comfortable talking to a complete stranger like him, he guessed. 



Leonardo was glad because his roommate was really nice. Communication would be a problem sometimes, though.

He stopped right after Minamisawa and smiled when he heard him trying to pronounce “meu amigo”. It sounded different than how he was used to, yet it sounded good.

Meu amigo means ‘my friend’ in my language.”

Leonardo was happy his roommate seemed interested. He loves to talk about his native language, Portuguese.

"Oh, so I see."

A friend? This Leonardo guy regarded him as a friend? Minamisawa was once again surprised. Normally, people do not think of him as a friend, they mostly just ignore him. Maybe it is due to his weird eyes? He doesn’t know and can’t be bothered much. He like being by himself.

"What language is that?"

Minamisawa was curious. 

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